Bill # Bill Description Updated
S.437 Cosponsored —  Veterans Burn Pits Exposure Recognition Act of 2021
S.403 Sponsored —  A bill to preserve open competition and Federal Government neutrality towards the labor relations of Federal Government contractors on Federal and federally funded construction projects, and for other purposes.
S.377 Cosponsored —  Living Donor Protection Act of 2021
S.396 Cosponsored —  A bill to promote registered apprenticeships, including registered apprenticeships within in-demand industry sectors, through the support of workforce intermediaries, and for other purposes.
S.35 Cosponsored —  Officer Eugene Goodman Congressional Gold Medal Act
S.329 Cosponsored —  A bill to require the Secretary of Commerce to conduct an assessment and analysis relating to the decline in the business formation rate in the United States.
S.321 Cosponsored —  ‘Six Triple Eight’ Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2021
S.322 Cosponsored —  A bill to amend the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
S.293 Cosponsored —  A bill to protect the dignity of fetal remains, and for other purposes.
S.295 Cosponsored —  A bill to designate residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as Priority 2 refugees of special humanitarian concern, and for other purposes.
S.239 Cosponsored —  A bill to permanently enact certain appropriations Act restrictions on the use of funds for abortions and involuntary sterilizations, and for other purposes.
S.198 Cosponsored —  A bill to require the Federal Communications Commission to incorporate data on maternal health outcomes into its broadband health maps.
S.204 Cosponsored —  A bill to establish the Office of Press Freedom, to create press freedom curriculum at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center, and for other purposes.
S.160 Cosponsored —  A bill to require the Administrator of the Small Business Administration to establish an Innovation Voucher Grant Program.
S.186 Sponsored —  A bill to direct the Secretary of Labor to award grants to develop, administer, and evaluate early childhood education apprenticeships, and for other purposes.
S.92 Cosponsored —  A bill to prohibit taxpayer funded abortions.
S.88 Cosponsored —  A bill to amend title X of the Public Health Service Act to prohibit family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that performs abortions, and for other purposes.
S.137 Cosponsored —  A bill to restrict the availability of Federal funds to organizations associated with the abortion industry.
S.98 Cosponsored —  A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow a credit against tax for neighborhood revitalization, and for other purposes.
S.123 Cosponsored —  A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit a health care practitioner from failing to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion.
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