Flag Requests


Our office is happy to assist Hoosiers in purchasing an American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol building.  These flags can be purchased to commemorate special events and can be requested to include a certificate from our office memorializing the event. Please provide the name of the individual or group and the occasion with your request.

If you are interested in purchasing a flag flown on a specific day, please place your order within six weeks of the requested fly date. Please note, our office cannot accept flag orders more than six weeks in advance. Once the flag is flown, the order will be shipped and delivered within three weeks.

If you have no preference on the date the flag is flown, Hoosiers can order a pre-flown flag instead. These orders will be shipped and delivered within three weeks.

Orders are sent directly to pay.gov, which is a payment processing website run by the U.S. Treasury Department. On the website, you may select the type of flag you wish to purchase using a variety of electronic payment methods. Prices vary depending on flag type and size.

Questions regarding flag requests may be directed to our office’s flag coordinator at Flag_Request@young.senate.gov.