Chips and Science Act


What I've Done

In August 2022, America went on offense against the Chinese Communist Party when legislation I worked on for years to out-innovate and outcompete China was signed into law. The legislation went by many titles – the Endless Frontier Act, the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, and finally the CHIPS and Science Act. No matter its name, this law is a win for Indiana, makes a bold investment in our country’s national security, and will ensure America continues to lead the world in technological innovation.

Below you’ll find more information on key components of the CHIPS and Science Act.

Emerging Technologies

To outcompete our rivals like China, we must invest in next generation technology like synthetic biology, artifical intelligence, quantum computing, and more. The CHIPS and Science Act makes significant investments in these technologies, unleashing American innovation, bolstering our national security, and securing our economic future. 

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Before the CHIPS and Science Act, the United States relied on other countries for 90 percent of semiconductor chips that are essential to everything from high tech weapons to the cell phone in your pocket. Thanks to the CHIPS and Science Act, more semiconductors will be built in America, including in Indiana.

Tech Hubs

To spur economic growth acorss the country, the CHIPS and Science Act creates Regional Innovation and Technology Hubs. Tech Hub designations will help different geographic regions attract private sector investment and R&D in key technology areas. Indiana’s Heartland Bioworks proposal won one of these Tech Hub program designations, and a number of Indiana entities were included in other Tech Hub awards.


To ensure Hoosiers have the skills to fill the jobs of tomorrow, the CHIPS and Science Act invests heavily in workforce training. From GED to Ph.D., the CHIPS and Science Act will give our citizens an opportunity to get the skills they need. 

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