April 28, 2023

Senate Passes Bipartisan National Digging Month Resolution

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Todd Young (R-Ind.), Gary Peters (D-Mich.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), and Maria Cantwell (D-.Wash.) applauded Senate passage of their bipartisan resolution designating April as National Safe Digging Month, to build awareness of safe digging practices that protect homeowners and utility workers from damaging underground utility lines during excavation projects.

“As Ranking Member of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Surface Transportation, Maritime, Freight, and Ports, I’m proud to cosponsor this resolution designating April as National Safe Digging Month. As the weather gets warmer and excavation projects begin to increase, it is important to remember to call before you dig,” said Senator Young.

“When underground utility lines are struck by digging projects, it not only can cause interruptions to critical services infrastructure, but also can result in personal injuries and harm to the surrounding environment,” said Senator Peters. “I commend the Common Ground Alliance for their work to create National Safe Digging Month – and this bipartisan resolution I led will help build on their efforts by raising awareness on best practices during excavation projects.”

Each year underground utility infrastructures are unintentionally damaged during digging and excavation projects, resulting in service interruption, environmental damage, personal injury, and even death in severe cases. These critical infrastructures include pipelines, electric, gas, telecommunication, water, sewer, and cable television lines. Established by the Common Ground Alliance, National Safe Digging Month is designed to create awareness of safe digging practices including the “One Call” policy which encourages homeowners and excavators to call “811” to obtain information regarding the location of utility lines.

The Senators’ resolution designates April as National Safe Digging Month to support safety and awareness efforts – and because April is the beginning of the peak period when excavation projects are carried out around the country.

The full text of the resolution can be found here.