January 11, 2021

Young Condemns Houthi Designation in Yemen

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) released the below statement regarding the Trump Administration’s decision to designate the Houthi movement in Yemen as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Senator Young has previously cautioned against this designation.  


“Our foreign policy approach in Yemen should be governed by two overarching questions: First, are we living up to our principles by helping to ease the suffering of the innocent in Yemen? Second, are we helping to advance our national security by taking steps to end, rather than exacerbate, the conflict?


“Today’s decision by Secretary Pompeo to designate the entire Houthi movement in Yemen as a Foreign Terrorist Organization accomplishes neither.


“I believe that this designation will further destabilize a war torn country, which is already the home of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, cut off our ability to continue negotiations toward peace, and will force the many NGOs in Yemen to stop providing lifesaving assistance in the country.


“This designation comes at the worst possible time as it will prevent the critical delivery of food, medical supplies, and other items necessary to combat both COVID-19 and famine. Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, one that has been exacerbated by ill-advised policies by senior U.S. government officials in recent years. Creating new, additional obstacles to the delivery of food and medical aid — during a global pandemic — is not in the best interest of the United States, our regional allies and partners, or the people of Yemen. 


“I look forward to working with President-Elect Biden and his team to overturn this misguided decision”