February 6, 2019

ICYMI: Senator Young Talks Border Security and Honoring a Hoosier Marine on Fox News

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) appeared on Fox News Channel’s Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner to discuss the State of the Union and the bracelet he shared with President Trump after the speech. He also discussed the ongoing talks over border security.

Regarding the bracelet of Marine Alec Terwiske, Senator Young said:  “I had a mother from the state of Indiana contact me before the address – Sandy Terwiske. I’ve come to know her well over the years. In fact, I’ve worn her son’s bracelet on my left wrist for a number of years to honor her son. I was able to give that to the President last night because Sandy Terwiske said this President has not forgotten the sacrifices of people like her son Alec. That is something that ought to be unifying.”

On border security, Senator Young said: “We used to [have] bipartisan consensus around the idea that you not only put boots on the ground but invest in technology to secure our border and also have physical barriers where they are required… As a Marine who served in Arizona in an area with heavy narco trafficking and human trafficking going on back in the nineties… a physical barrier was placed in that area – Yuma, Arizona – and trafficking went down 95 percent over roughly the next decade. So walls, or barriers, or structures – whatever you want to call them – do indeed work when properly and intelligently placed, and I hope that’s part of the final package we can agree on.”

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