July 24, 2018

ICYMI: Young Stepping Up Efforts to Improve Housing

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Last week, Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) filed bipartisan legislation that will serve as a necessary step in addressing the nation’s housing crisis. At a press conference yesterday in Indianapolis, Senator Young and members of the housing community warned that the lack of affordable housing is affecting American’s ability to receive a quality education, find a job, and obtain health care. 

The Statehouse File

“The lack of affordable housing has a rippling impact on everything from educational opportunities to health care in communities across the nation and Indiana. 

“That is why U.S. Todd Young, R-Indiana, has signed on to bipartisan legislation that he hopes will help lawmakers better understand the issue and come up with concrete solutions to solve the problem.”

“John Niederman, the CEO and President of Pathfinder Services, Inc., applauded the efforts. His focus has been on rural development, where a lack of transportation and housing compound the struggles of people living at or below the poverty level.

“’I’m glad the senator recognizes that as he looks to study all of the impacts of what the lack of affordable housing generates,’ Niederman said.” 

More Praise from housing advocates

Barbara Sard, Vice President for Housing Policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities“A growing body of evidence demonstrates the importance of a stable, affordable home in a safe neighborhood to positive health, education, income and other outcomes, but it can be difficult to assess how housing investments may affect the results and costs of other programs. The proposed task force on the impact of the affordable housing crisis is well-designed to answer these important questions.” 

Diane Yentel, President and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition

“The National Low-Income Housing Coalition strongly supports legislation introduced by Senators Angus King and Todd Young to create a task force to quantify the multi-sector benefits of affordable homes. Housing affordability is a key driver of improved health, increased educational attainment and greater lifetime earnings, among many other things. I commend Senators King and Young for their leadership in recognizing that federal investments in affordable homes have positive and far-reaching impacts for the millions of extremely low-income people who struggle to pay rent and make ends meet, as well as for our nation’s economy and its future.”

Laurel Blatchford, President of Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

“Enterprise is thrilled to see this bipartisan group of Senators committed to evaluating how our country’s growing shortage of affordable housing affects residents, communities, and the economy. Millions of working families, seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities lack well-designed, affordable homes in thriving communities, which limits the opportunities they have in many areas of life. We applaud this bill and these Senators’ dedication to supporting low- and moderate-income people.”

Bill Taft, Executive Director of LISC-Indianapolis

“The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is pleased to support the Task Force on the Impact of the Affordable Housing Crisis Act of 2018.  The task force will analyze vital information about the nation’s affordable housing crisis and how it affects the quality of life in communities across the country. It will further our understanding of the connection between housing and economic opportunity, as well as its impact on education, employment, family incomes and health. We commend Senator Young for his commitment to affordable housing and for furthering our understanding of the impacts that the lack of affordable housing has on our most vulnerable populations.”