April 7, 2017

Senator Young Statement on Military Strikes in Syria

Senator Todd Young issued a statement following a Senators-only briefing on yesterday’s military strikes in Syria:

“The international community has looked the other way for too long and has failed to act as Assad and Putin have deliberately and barbarically murdered innocent men, women, and children in Syria, and I applaud the Trump administration’s decision to take action. Our men and women in uniform conducted yesterday’s strikes with professionalism and precision, and I join all Americans in expressing our gratitude to our service members,” said Senator Young.

Young continued, “After attending a briefing today with General Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I am confident that the President will continue to receive sound advice from his impressive national security team. Following these strikes, the administration should submit to Congress without delay a comprehensive, whole-of-government strategy-working with our international partners. Our national security interests require that this strategy seeks to eliminate ISIS’s remaining safe haven in Syria, end the Syrian regime’s war on its own people, address the humanitarian crisis, and begin a political process that includes the departure of Assad and the establishment of an inclusive Syrian government. Simultaneously, Congress finally should fulfill its Constitutional responsibility to consider and pass an appropriately crafted authorization for use of military force.”