June 28, 2018

Senator Young Supports the Farm Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) joined his Senate colleagues in voting to advance a bipartisan Farm Bill to provide Hoosier farmers with vital risk management tools to remain competitive and successful at home and around the world. The Senate passed the bill today by a vote of 86-11.

This Farm Bill will improve risk management tools for farmers, strengthen food security while eliminating wasteful practices, and ensure Hoosiers can continue innovative conservation efforts that increase yield and prioritize soil health. This legislation streamlines but maintains important investment in promoting domestic exports to preserve the 34,800 Indiana jobs that are supported by agricultural exports.

“It’s important we protect Indiana’s robust and active farming community and the priorities of Hoosier farmers. In times of declining profitability, timely passage of a Farm Bill will provide much-needed certainty to our farmers and rural communities,” said Senator Young. “I’m glad the Senate was able to timely consider and pass a bipartisan Farm Bill today. Our farmers contribute to our tables and our economy, and I’ll continue my efforts to ensure Indiana remains a leader in feeding the world.” 

Senator Young offered his recent legislation prioritizing biotechnology as an amendment to the Farm Bill. The Growing American Food Exports Act (S. 3103)helps to strengthen our country’s agriculture industry by ensuring that innovative biotechnology products have access to a competitive export economy. While the amendment was not incorporated in the Senate bill as it was in the House bill, Senator Young remains hopeful the conference committee will preserve efforts to promote agriculture innovation with international partners.