December 12, 2019

Senator Young’s Office Helps Return $3 Million to Hoosiers

WASHINGTON – For the second year in a row, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) and his staff were able to return more than $3 million owed to Hoosiers by various federal agencies. With two weeks remaining this year, the office has resolved more than 1,300 cases, resulting in $3,089,128 returned to Hoosiers.


A core function of Senator Young’s office is constituent services. The office is able to help Indiana residents who have problems with a federal agency. This often involves helping Hoosiers appeal when payments like veteran’s disability benefits and Social Security benefits are improperly denied.


More than $1 million of the total returned were Social Security benefits.


The single biggest payment was $423,900 to a military spouse whose Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SLGI) claim was denied in 2008. Overwhelmed by the appeals process, the constituent had been living on welfare for the last decade until Senator Young’s staff was able to help.


“The size and scope of the federal government is not only discouraging but often prevents Hoosiers from receiving what is rightfully owed from the government,” said Senator Young. “This year alone my team of dedicated staff members has helped resolve more than 1,300 cases returning over $3 million into the hands of Hoosiers. I will continue to work to ensure that veterans, seniors, and all Hoosiers are not forgotten by their government. ”


In addition to financial claims, Senator Young has helped recover service medals for Hoosier veterans. In 2019, Senator Young presented Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, and other medals to those who were missing or never received their service medals. A few examples include: Vietnam War Veteran, George E. Miller and daughter of World War II Veteran, Robert Egli.


Hoosiers who think they may need help with a federal agency can visit and click “Help for Hoosiers”.