May 18, 2017

Senators Young & Murphy on Senate Floor Call For Action to Address Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

Washington D.C. – Today, in advance of President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, U.S. Senators Todd Young and Chris Murphy discussed the humanitarian crisis in Yemen that is threatening the lives of millions of people. During a conversation on the Senate floor, more formally referred to as a “colloquy”, the Senators highlighted steps the government of Saudi Arabia should take to ensure that food and medical supplies can make it to Yemenis who are desperately in need of the aid. Young and Murphy called on the President to raise a number of specific issues with the Saudis during his upcoming trip.

Watch the full colloquy here.

Highlights from Sen. Young’s comments are below:

Sen. Young confirmed that the Saudi-led coalition continues to be responsible for an average of approximately two weeks of additional delays to humanitarian shipments into the port of Hudaydah after vessels are cleared by the United Nations Verification and Inspection Mechanism (UNVIM) for Yemen. Sen. Young said during his remarks:

“Think of it: Your children are starving to death. Perhaps your entire village is starving to death. And, you have a delay of an additional 16 days in humanitarian shipments. Think of the impact that has on security in the region as desperate people are forced to take desperate measures to associate themselves with bad actors in the area. It’s certainly troubling to me.”

Sen. Young called on President Trump to raise these critical issues during his meetings with Saudi government leaders and ask them to take the following concrete actions:

“First, renounce any intention to conduct a military operation against the Port of Hudaydah. Second, redouble efforts to achieve a diplomatic solution. Third, end any delays to the delivery of humanitarian aid caused by the Saudi-led coalition. and, fourth, permit the delivery of much-needed U.S.-funded cranes to the Port of Hudaydah that would permit the quicker delivery of food and medicine. I said it before, with more than ten million Yemenis requiring humanitarian assistance there is no time to waste. I stand ready to work with the Saudi partners to fight [Iran’s] malign influence.”

Sen. Young highlighted commitments he received yesterday from the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi:

“I received assurances from the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi that his government would seek, without delay, to resolve issues related to admitting inspectors into the UAE to pre-inspect cargo before it goes on to the Port of Hudaydah… I received additional assurance from the Crown Prince that he would work to move four U.S. taxpayer-funded cranes [from the U.A.E. to their intended location at the Port of Hudaydah].

Sen. Young has focused on “tangible steps that we can take to save lives and address this very troubling national security situation.”

Among the steps he and his colleagues have taken to date:

· Young Continues to Press Saudi Government on Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

· Young Leads Bipartisan Group of Senators Calling on Saudi Arabia to Take Specific Steps to Address the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

· Following Mattis Visit, Young Calls on Saudi Government to Help Alleviate Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

· Young & Cardin Introduce Resolution Calling for Urgent Diplomatic Campaign to Prevent Millions from Starving to Death

· Young & Cardin Lead Letter to Secretary Tillerson Calling For Urgent Diplomatic Campaign to Prevent Millions from Starving to Death