April 14, 2021

VIDEO: Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Young’s Endless Frontier Act to Out-Compete China

WASHINGTON – This morning, the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing on U.S. Senator Todd Young’s (R-Ind.) Endless Frontier Act. The hearing highlighted why the bill, introduced last Congress, is critical to our ability to out-innovate and out-compete China.


During the hearing, Senator Young expressed his intent to continue working on ways to improve the Endless Frontier Act for reintroduction and his goal of advancing the bill on a broadly bipartisan basis to unite in the common effort to surpass China.


“I believe we’re starting another Sputnik moment right here, only this time it will be with China’s investments and research into emerging technologies taking place alongside this. We have a different model [in the U.S.], we should harness our unique talents and ensure that we are harnessing the talents of people across every state and across our various universities and labs,” said Senator Young during the hearing. “As we introduce this bill, which we’re aiming on proposing $100 billion investment in [research and development] over a five-year period in 10 key emerging technology areas – perhaps others will be added – we recognize and embrace the global challenge China presents. These funds would be used to crowd-in – I want to emphasize this – the expertise of private industry, but also, of our global partners and allies.”


Senator Young also introduced University of Notre Dame Provost, Dr. Marie Lynn Miranda, during the hearing. To watch the introduction, click here. During questioning, Senator Young asked Dr. Miranda to highlight how Indiana has proved a leading example for the bill’s envisioned regional tech hubs. To watch the questioning, click here.


“We both know how important relationships between academia, front-line federal customers, and state and local government have been in our own state of Indiana in fostering innovation, creating opportunities for commercialization, and making our state a unique sort of place where scientists want to live and work on cutting-edge projects,” said Senator Young during the hearing.


 To watch the hearing in its entirety, click here.