July 29, 2021

VIDEO: Senator Young Discusses Inflation and the Rising Cost of Living with Fox Business

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WASHINGTON – Yesterday, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) joined Fox Business’ Jackie DeAngelis to discuss inflation and the rising cost of living, as well as other news of the day.

Senator Young on the Rising Cost of Living:

“We have a cost of living tax increase effectively occurring on the American people right now…You could add gasoline and groceries and you get at a restaurant, pay for a meal, those prices are going up. Housing costs are increasing. So, though our president promised that we would not see any tax increases whatsoever on Americans who make four hundred thousand dollars or less in household income, we’re, of course, seeing that. Though their wages may be rising in certain instances, as the economy opens back up, we’re seeing prices increase,” said Senator Young.

Senator Young on Infrastructure:

“We’re clawing back certain COVID monies that have been sent to the states directly for COVID purposes and haven’t been needed. We’re clawing back some of the unemployment insurance money there being fraudulently accessed by shell companies. And at every turn, we Republicans have injected ourselves into this infrastructure conversation so that we can get core infrastructure at about a third of the cost that you’re hearing some of the Democrats propose without any tax increases. So that’s what the American people want. And that’s why it’s really important that we have Republicans who are at the table as it relates to this infrastructure conversation,” said Senator Young.

Senator Young on COVID: 

“Our kids belong in school. Hoosiers and other Americans want to be at work and we should look at this guidance, we should follow the science. But in the end, we should do what we’ve done in the state of Indiana, which is make responsible, balanced, risk-based decisions, while understanding that there’s no risk-free environment in this world. We have to deal with some measure of risk and at the same time encourage our neighbors and other Americans to go out there and get vaccinated for their own health and also for their neighbor’s health,” said Senator Young.

To view Senator Young’s full interview, click here.