September 15, 2020

VIDEO: Young: Democrats Prioritizing Politics over Coronavirus Relief

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) spoke about Democrats prioritizing politics over much-needed coronavirus relief for Americans. Last week, for the second time in a matter of months, Democrats blocked critical relief that would provide a lifeline for communities across America.


“Never have I, in my time in elected office, experienced such hypocrisy which could be so injurious to the American people’s health and welfare as that seen by the National Democratic Party last week. Democrats in the United States Senate filibustered an effort to move forward on a piece of legislation that would advance the health of all American people. It would help out our children as we try and ensure that they receive a quality and safe education during this time, and would look out for all American workers during this time of great need and uncertainty,” said Senator Young.“They filibustered that legislation and the hypocrisy of course is that they filibustered it at the very moment that they are making plans to eliminate the filibuster should they gain control of the United States Senate.”


“What is their agenda? Well, we know because they told us. Their agenda would be to eliminate minority rights within the United States Senate so that they can pack the Supreme Court of the United States adding more judges and ramming through a number of ideological initiatives through the courts that ought to be handled at the legislature,” Senator Young added. “They of course want to significantly increase taxes, that is the only way that they are going to pay for so much of their agenda. They want to take away people’s on-the-job insurance, they want to add two new states to the union – that’s right give Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico the same number of Senators that say the state of Indiana has. The list goes on and on.”


Click here to watch Senator Young’s full remarks.