September 30, 2020

VIDEO: Young Discusses Judge Barrett’s Qualifications, Shuts Down Baseless Attacks


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WASHINGTON –  Following his meeting this morning with Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) spoke about Judge Barrett’s qualifications and baseless attacks from Democrats during today’s Republican Senate Leadership press conference. 


“I’ve come to know Amy, I got to know her over the course of her 7th Circuit Court of Appeals nomination process. She’s a person of great integrity, very sharp intellect, incredibly strong work ethic – even good humor. The Democrats aren’t going to make this about her qualifications though. We all need to prepare for that. They want to make this about anything but Amy Coney Barrett’s qualifications to serve in the highest court of the land.


“Instead, they are going to try and scare Americans, that somehow, Amy Coney Barrett wants to take away their healthcare and jeopardize people with pre-existing conditions. This is a mother of seven children, one of whom has special needs – of course Amy Coney Barrett cares about healthcare.


“They are going to try and make this about her faith, as they did in her 7th Circuit Nomination battle. Listen, if she takes her Catholicism too seriously for some of my colleagues, that is their problem. That says more about that institution than it does the Supreme Court of the United States or Amy Coney Barrett. They need to remember there is no religious test for high office in this country. They are going to once again go down that fictitious road and try and indicate that this process is somehow illegitimate, even though it is firmly grounded in historical precedent. When you have the President and the United States Senate both of the same party, when a nominee has been made for the highest court in the land in the course of an election year. 


“So, I will unapologetically, I will energetically, I will enthusiastically, and ardently fight to ensure that Amy Coney Barrett gets a fair hearing, and I look forward to moving forward with this process without delay.”


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