December 15, 2021

VIDEO: Young Discusses Rising Cost of Child Care under Democrats’ Build Back Better Plan


WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) joined a press conference with his Senate GOP colleagues to discuss provisions in Democrats’ Build Back Better plan that would reduce child care options for parents, raise child care costs, and hinder child care providers’ ability to operate and retain workers.


“In the great state of Indiana … child care costs actually exceed the cost of higher education. This issue has not received enough attention.


“The worst thing we could do is to put out of business our existing child care providers, which is precisely what the Build Back Better plan would do,” said Senator Young during the press conference.


According to a left-leaning think tank, the Build Back Better plan would increase child care costs by $13,000 per year per child. By increasing demand for child care without addressing the already limited supply of providers, Build Back Better will make it more difficult for parents to find and afford child care. Additionally, faith-based providers would have to meet extra requirements, likely putting some out of business.


 To hear the Senator’s full remarks, click here.