December 1, 2020

VIDEO: Young Discusses the Need to Pass Critical Coronavirus Relief for Hoosiers

WASHINGTON – During today’s Senate GOP leadership press conference, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) discussed the need to pass targeted coronavirus relief to help Hoosier small businesses and schools and to bolster testing.


“It’s of course December 1st and we still don’t have a coronavirus relief package that has been passed, signed into law by the President, and is providing relief to the American people. Look, people are hurting. They are beyond frustrated with this whole exercise. Republicans have put forward a package that, as the Leader has emphasized, can actually be signed into law. One that provides assistance to schools and students, one that provides assistance to our hard-hit small businesses, one that provides additional resources for testing. Why don’t we go ahead and pass what we can all agree upon? What we know can be signed into law? And then negotiate, and debate, and give further consideration to additional measures,” said Senator Young.


“As it relates to small businesses, I’ll tell you, Hoosier small businesses have been absolutely hammered, as have so many others around the country. A recent NFIB survey said that nationally 75 percent of their members would either consider or go ahead and apply for a second round of PPP assistance, the sort of assistance that is included in the Senate package. So whether it’s PPP assistance or the inclusion of the RESTART Act, the legislation – bicameral, bipartisan – that I’ve put together with Senator Bennet of Colorado. It now has, incidentally, 58 cosponsors with the addition of Senator Perdue of Georgia… 180 in the House of Representatives – again, bipartisan. So, I am going to push on this small business front and on the other fronts I mentioned to provide much needed relief to the American people,” Senator Young added. 


Click here to watch Senator Young’s full remarks.