March 13, 2019

VIDEO: Young: Green New “Deal” Harms Hoosier Farmers

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) spoke on the Senate floor today regarding the so-called “Green New Deal” and its potential harm to Hoosier farmers.

“Agriculture is a main driver of our state’s economy, and it is often said that Indiana feeds the world, so we need our ag community to continue thriving,” said Senator Young. “And yet, the sponsors of the Green New Deal have spoken about cutting back on the farming practices that employ Hoosiers and put food on the table.”

“Imagine the crushing cost to Hoosiers farmers of changing out all farm equipment for electric vehicles. Or the cost of upgrading every single building on every farm in Indiana. This is on top of the sharp climb energy prices would take under the Green New Deal,” Senator Young added. “This bad deal would force the cost of doing business to skyrocket for Hoosier manufacturers and farmers, which would mean higher prices for consumers and less money in the pockets of hardworking Hoosiers.”

Click here to watch Senator Young’s full floor speech.