July 29, 2020

VIDEO: Young: More of my RESTART Act Needs to be Included in Coronavirus Relief Package


WASHINGTON – Today U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) spoke on the Senator about the HEALS Act, Senate Republicans’ proposed coronavirus relief legislation, and the need for more of his RESTART Act to be included in the final package. 


“Like my RESTART Act, the HEALS Act recognizes the need for long-term working capital loans, and targeting that relief toward businesses that have suffered significant revenue decline. We don’t want more examples of businesses that are doing just fine in the wake of the pandemic getting access to monies that, frankly, they don’t need. Instead, we want to target our resources towards the hardest-hit businesses that won’t survive this pandemic. That’s what the RESTART Act does and I’m proud of those features that were included. However, I have to say, in order to truly assist the hardest-hit small- and medium-sized enterprises that have fallen through the gaps of previous programs, more of the RESTART Act is going to have to be included throughout the negotiation process,” Senator Young said.


“The most fiscally irresponsible thing we could do here at the federal level of government is to fail to respond to the needs of these small and medium sized enterprises. So the additional assistance that I’m calling for is critical,” Senator Young continued.


Click here to view Senator Young’s full remarks.