April 12, 2018

VIDEO: Young Questions Secretary of State Nominee Mike Pompeo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, during a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee nomination hearing, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) questioned Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo. Senator Young’s comments and questions focused on Director Pompeo’s qualifications, the need for a National Economic Security Strategy to respond to China’s “coercive, illicit, and deceptive economic and trade practices,” and our nation’s continued need for a capable and well-resourced diplomatic capability. Senator Young announced his intent to support Director Pompeo’s nomination.

Pompeo’s Qualifications: Regarding Director Pompeo’s qualification to serve as Secretary of State, Senator Young said, “I want emphasize the importance of having a smart, experienced individual as our next Secretary of State. Based on my time serving with you in the House of Representatives, you’ve certainly checked those boxes. We also need a leader who’s credible, not just with our own President, but with leaders around the world, and you’ve also checked that box….I anticipate supporting you.”

U.S. Response to China’s Trade Practices: Senator Young discussed China’s “systematic policies of stealing our intellectual property and forced technology transfer and associated activities.” Director Pompeo agreed with Senator Young and expressed concern about the enormous amount of intellectual property Beijing has taken. Director Pompeo agreed that the United States needs a whole of government, well-coordinated, informed, strategic response to China’s coercive, illicit, and deceptive economic and trade practices. In response, Senator Young announced his plans to introduce legislation this month that would require the periodic production of a National Economic Security Strategy. Senator Young also emphasized the need for a multilateral response to China’s trade practices. 

Funding for the International Affairs Budget: Senator Young emphasized America’s continued need for effective American diplomacy and a well-resourced U.S. international affairs budget. In response to Senator Young’s questions, Director Pompeo said, “…I can’t see anything in the six or twelve or twenty-four month time horizon that would permit us to have any less demand for diplomatic resources.” In a December 5 letter, Senator Young and Senator Cardin expressed concern regarding a suggestion by former Secretary of State Tillerson that a predicted decline in the demand for diplomatic capacity justified cuts to the international affairs budget.