February 16, 2022

VIDEO: Young Says Record High Inflation Hurting Hoosier Families

Inflation Press Conf.

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) spoke at a press conference about the cost of inflation, which is currently at a 40-year high.

Young highlighted that the cost of a trip to the grocery store has increased 6.5 percent over the last year, a gallon of gas costs nearly a dollar more than this time in 2021, and the average mortgage has jumped by $200 since November.

“Forty years, a forty-year high in price inflation and $276 in additional expenditures for working families each month, that’s the average amount that Hoosier families are having to pay on account of policy decisions.

“I’ll continue to advocate for smart policies, as opposed to these ill-advised policies, because this is having a real impact on rank-and-file Americans, and it has to stop,” said Senator Young during the press conference.

Click here to watch the Senator’s remarks.