December 10, 2019

VIDEO: Young Urges Permanent Repeal of Medical Device Tax


WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) called for a permanent repeal of the medical device tax, a tax on innovation that threatens patient care and could cost over 21,000 jobs. The tax is set to go back into effect January 1, 2020.


“Once again we’re approaching year’s end and one of our most innovative sectors, the medical device manufacturing sector, is under threat. Years ago, everyone will recall, Democrats and only Democrats voted to implement this onerous tax. It’s a tax on innovation, it’s a tax on American competitiveness, it’s a tax on American working families. And I’ve seen these hardworking manufacturing workers, who work at these device companies back home in Indiana. Look, they take great pride in their work. These jobs pay far more than the median wage in Indiana, they know that they are involved in life-sustaining, often times life improving work. This work can only continue, however, if we’re able to at the least give a reprieve to these innovative companies, and the workers who make these important products by delaying the implementation of the medical device tax which is set to go back into effect in January of next year,” said Senator Young.


“…this also means Democrats – who for years have indicated they support a full repeal of this tax – calling Nancy Pelosi and encouraging Nancy Pelosi get on board, because unfortunately she and only she is the primary barrier to seeing this tax delayed or ultimately repealed,” Senator Young added.


Watch the full video of Senator Young’s remarks here.