August 20, 2020

Young and Pence Urge Support for Economic Development at Brookville Lake

WASHINGTON  U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-IN) and Congressman Greg Pence (IN-06) urged the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Louisville District to support expanding recreational development in the 2020 Brookville Lake Master Plan. 


“Every year, Brookville Lake Complex sees millions of visitors from all across the Midwest to enjoy outdoor activities and the scenery. On weekends, the population of Union County triples from visitors, ultimately resulting in a strain on emergency services and infrastructure.



By opening the surrounding land to Brookville Lake to private development, Union and Franklin Counties will be able to use the additional revenue to upkeep the Brookville Lake and address the needs of tourists to the area.


The 1979 Brookville Lake Master Plan included multiple expansion ideas that never came to fruition. For example, the 1979 Master Plan included plans for a restaurant, campground, and a 6-acre swimming pool complex built in the Battlepoint Area… The 2020 Master Plan does not include any of these major expansions. I strongly urge the inclusion of those plans similar to the 1979 Brookville Lake Master Plan, to this year’s Master Plan.

After review of the 2020 Brookville Lake Master Plan, I support changes to the plan that will help local communities have more economic opportunity and growth,” wrote Senator Young and Congressman Pence.


Read the full letter here.