August 4, 2020

Young Discusses RESTART Act on CNBC, MSNBC

2020.08.04; CNBC

Click here or on the image above for Senator Young’s interview on CNBC.

2020.08.04; MSNBC

Click here or on the image above for Senator Young’s interview on MSNBC.

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) today continued pushing for inclusion of his RESTART Act in the upcoming coronavirus relief package. Senator Young joined Squawk Box on CNBC and MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle this morning to discuss the importance of the RESTART Act for America’s struggling small businesses that employee tens of millions of Americans. The HEALS Act, introduced last week by Senate Republicans, contains concepts of the RESTART Act but more must be included in order to provide long-term stability for American businesses and the workers they employ.


 “Clearly we’re now at a point where it’s pretty obvious that this virus is going to be around for a while and these businesses are going to need additional assistance if they are to survive. So we think a longer-term program – six months or more of additional assistance of long-term working capital – is appropriate so that we can make sure that, as you say Stephanie, we don’t emerge from this with just chain stores and big box stores. Instead our local restaurants, our veterans organizations, our manufacturing operations, the pillars of our local communities need to survive and our objective here is to make sure that they do, and on the back end of this virus that all of these hardworking Americans have a place to go back to work,” Senator Young said on MSNBC.


Today, the National Organization of Theater Owners and 13 other shuttered industries sent a letter to Congress calling for passage of the RESTART Act. This follows a letter led by Howard Schultz and more than 100 current and former prominent CEOs expressing support for the RESTART Act. The RESTART Act is now supported by 48 bipartisan Senators and continues to gain support in the U.S. House of Representatives.