February 8, 2017

Young Renews Call to Permanently Repeal Medical Device Tax

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senator Todd Young issued a statement following the release of a study which found that Obamacare’s medical device tax has cost the industry nearly 30,000 American jobs.

“This report is further evidence of the harm Obamacare has done to our economy. Obamacare’s medical device tax has put thousands of Hoosier jobs in jeopardy and will make life-saving devices made in Indiana more expensive. I will continue to fight to permanently repeal this prohibitive tax, and urge the support of my colleagues in this effort.”

Senator Young worked on the permanent repeal of the medical device tax while serving as a member of the Ways and Means Committee in the House. Though the tax has been suspended, it will resume in 2018 if Congress does not act to permanently repeal it. Senator Young is currently a co-sponsor of the Senate measure to permanently repeal the medical device tax.

The report, from the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), can be seen here.