August 3, 2022

Young Statement on NATO Accession Vote

WASHINGTON –– U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) issued the following statement after the Senate voted to ratify the accession of Finland and Sweden as members of NATO:

“NATO remains the globe’s most important alliance and has been an essential pillar of Western security since the end of World War II. Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine has resulted in the alliance expanding and further strengthened through the accession of Sweden and Finland. Make no mistake, this action by the Senate is a strategic loss and powerful rebuke to Putin and his cronies in Russia.

“The addition of Sweden and Finland will deter further Russian aggression and enable Europe to better defend itself while allowing the United States to more effectively deploy our limited resources to areas like the Indo-Pacific. I’m proud we took the necessary steps today in the Senate to formalize the accession of Finland and Sweden into NATO,” said Senator Young.