August 3, 2017

Senator Young Leads Effort to Oppose Terrorist Incitement

Washington D.C. – Today, Senator Todd Young led a successful effort in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to strengthen the Taylor Force Act.   

The Taylor Force Act would prohibit certain types of U.S. foreign assistance from going to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until the Secretary of State certifies that the PA has ended its practice of payments for acts of terror.  Initially, the bill considered by the committee required three certifications related to these terror payments.  With the goal of better protecting Americans and our Israeli allies and opposing terrorism, Young introduced an amendment to require the Palestinian Authority to also publicly condemn terrorist acts of violence against Israeli and U.S. citizens and to take steps to bring the terrorist perpetrators to justice.  

“The words of Palestinian leaders matter.  If leaders are encouraging terrorism and praising those who conduct terrorist acts, it is more likely that additional attacks will occur,” said Young. “Palestinian leaders should stop terror payments and stop praising those who conduct terrorist attacks.  If they fail to do so, U.S. government support for the Palestinian Authority should end.”

Young’s amendment was approved via voice vote, and the amended Taylor Force Act was passed by the full committee on a 16-5 vote.  The bill now awaits consideration by the full Senate. 

The bill is named for Taylor Force, a U.S. citizen and West Point graduate, who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist.