January 30, 2018

VIDEO: Senator Young Reacts to State of the Union

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) released the following video statement regarding the President’s first State of the Union address.

Senator Young Video Transcript:

I thought the President really delivered a powerful first State of the Union address this evening.

He started, I think, appropriately and talked about the many successes that this Congress, working with the Administration, has enjoyed over the last year plus. From eliminating a number of job-killing regulations, to getting confirmed a faithful constitutionalist in Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States, to reforming our tax code in a really meaningful way for the first time in over three decades. We’ve accomplished quite a lot.

It’s the tax reform in particular that I think has really touched a lot of Hoosiers in a positive way. That’s why I invited Genes Miles and Chelsee Hatfield from First Farmers Bank & Trust out of Converse, Indiana to be my guests this evening. Gene is the president of the bank, he’s worked there for decades in fact, and on account of the tax reform package, he’s indicated he’s going to increase the wages, and provide additional benefits to his employees. He’s also going to invest more in the community – again all on account of the tax reform package. Chelsee is an immediate beneficiary of the tax reform package, she’s going to use the additional money that she earns from the wage increase to finish her own education and to save up money for her three children and their college education in years to come.

It’s important that their story is told. They represent so many Hoosiers that live on Main Street, that work in small towns, that live in agricultural communities, that are going to see real benefits from this tax reform package, and I’m very proud that they could be there tonight with me.

The President also looked to the future over the course of his speech. He talked about the need to invest in infrastructure and got into more specifics on that front. He discussed the opioid crisis and his resolve as President of the United States to work with Congress and others to make sure that we stay vigilant and do whatever we can to address this crisis. He also mentioned the need to continue investing in our military. In fact, to make sure our military remains the strongest fighting force in the world. To ensure that our men and women in uniform never have to fight a fair fight.

I’m going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the President in ensuring that we advance each of these objectives. All of these efforts on my part will be informed by interaction with rank and file Hoosiers, and I look forward to traveling the state and making sure we do all we can to keep America strong, proud, and free.