January 30, 2018

VIDEO: Senator Young’s State of the Union Guests Tell Their Story

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) released a video tonight featuring his guests for the State of the Union, Chelsee Hatfield from Windfall, Indiana and Gene Miles from Greentown, Indiana.

Chelsee and Gene are employees of First Farmers Bank & Trust – a community bank based in Converse, Indiana that has served the agriculture community for more than 130 years and provides loans to small, rural businesses and family farms. As a result of tax reform, First Farmers Bank & Trust announced they are raising wages and giving bonuses to employees, and investing $250,000 per year in community development and $150,000 per year on employee development.

Chelsee, a bank teller at a First Farmers Bank & Trust branch in Tipton, and a young mother of three, is receiving a salary increase and bonus as a result of tax reform. This additional income will help pay for the costs of her schooling and allow her to put money toward her children’s college expenses.

“It’s important that their story is told,” said Senator Young. “They represent so many Hoosiers that live on Main Street, that work in small towns, that live in agricultural communities, that are going to see real benefits from this tax reform package, and I’m very proud that they could be there tonight with me.”

Click here or below to view the video featuring Chelsee Hatfield and Gene Miles.