October 20, 2020

VIDEO: Young Discusses Coronavirus Relief and Judge Barrett Confirmation


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WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) spoke about this week’s Senate vote to deliver needed coronavirus relief to the American people. Senator Young also addressed the upcoming confirmation vote for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.


“Well evidently Speaker Pelosi and National Democrats believe that giving the American people, during a time of great need, nothing, is better than giving them something. I think she misreads the opinion of the American people as she makes that judgement. But, we here in the Republican controlled Senate will once again take a stab this week at much needed targeted relief to the American people,” said Senator Young during the press stakeout. “We will provide them relief so that their healthcare can be assured during this time, provide them relief so that they can safely return to work and to school. I’m hopeful that we might get some bipartisan assistance this go around but not particularly optimistic. In the meanwhile, we will continue discussions, we will continue to see if negotiations might lead to a broader break through when it comes to a package. It’s my hope that that could happen but, I am not optimistic, once again, Nancy Pelosi seems to prefer nothing over something during a time of American’s greatest need.”


“On the positive front, the Senate Judiciary Committee just had an outstanding hearing last week and the American people were able to get a front row seat as they watched Judge Amy Coney Barrett from the great state of Indiana, demonstrate her knowledge of the law, demonstrate that she certainly has command of the facts of particular cases, that her means of jurisprudence is infused with great integrity. She is someone who doesn’t intend to legislate from the bench, but instead to apply the law of the land to the facts of a given case. And along the way, the American people increasingly became supportive of her nomination and they support confirmation before the election. … I think we’ll find that this is one Hoosier for years to come, who will be serving this country with great honor and distinction,” Senator Young added.


Click here to watch Senator Young’s full remarks.