June 23, 2020

Young: Discusses JUSTICE Act and Judges

Stakeout 6/23/2020

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WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) spoke about the need to pass Senator Tim Scott’s (R-S.C.) JUSTICE Act to address police reform. Senator Young joined the JUSTICE Act as an original cosponsor last week. Senate Democrats have threatened to prevent the comprehensive police reform legislation from moving forward.


“We’ve got a very good piece of legislation that will improve our criminal justice system, that will restore a measure of trust in some of our most important local institutions, and the only thing between us and achieving that outcome is political calculation, cynical political calculation,” said Senator Young.


Senator Young also discussed the judicial emergencies that are plaguing courts across the country, including Indiana’s southern federal court, which is among the most overworked in the nation. Filling judicial vacancies is critical to ensuring Americans receive their day in court.


“Relatedly, I do think it is important that we note, as it relates to our criminal justice system that we… are on track to get confirmed our 200th federal judge… Everyone deserves a day in court and they deserve a timely day in court. So on this issue, know that I am intent on working with my colleagues to ensure that we continue to vote on these judges, and, where possible, that we arrive at bipartisan solutions so that we might eliminate these judicial emergencies all around the United States of America,” said Senator Young.


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