February 19, 2019

Young Shares Second Fair Shot Agenda Video Highlighting Hoosier Farmers

Click here  to watch Senator Young’s second Fair Shot Agenda video

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) today released the second video in his Fair Shot Agenda series to highlight Indiana’s vital farming community. In the video, Senator Young discusses the Farm Bill, that was recently signed into law by the President, with farmer Ronnie Mohr in Greenfield, Indiana.

“It’s farms like this that really make up the lifeblood of rural Indiana. We need to continue to support them and make sure that we do whatever we can so that they thrive and so that the communities around them thrive,” said Senator Young in the video. “Ronnie and so many other farmers work so hard. I’m here to make sure that rural America has a fair shot at success. They can count on me to stand up for them in Washington.”

“We’re in the middle of harvest. It’s been an extremely tough year,” said Ronnie Mohr in the video. “It’s truly a family operation. The Farm Bill is important, we have to work together to get it done.”

Senator Young’s Fair Shot Agenda is focused on ensuring sure every Hoosier has a fair shot at success by tackling some of the nation’s most pressing issues, including affordable housing, the opioid crisis, growing the economy, and keeping Hoosier communities safe and secure. Last month, Senator Young released his first Fair Shot Agenda video, which is focused on tackling the opioid epidemic. Learn more, here.